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Getting to Know the Body's Immune System: Definition, Components, & How It Works

 The immune system is the body's defense system to protect against various bad microorganisms that cause infection or disease. This system consists of various components and the way they work is complex.” Jakarta – The body's immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health by carrying out a series of defense mechanisms, such as recognizing and responding to foreign objects. The foreign objects in question are pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, germs, parasites and fungi. Some of these pathogens cause disturbances and damage to a person's body. Want to know more about how the immune system works? Check out the following information! Understanding the Body's Immune System The immune system is the body's defense system against attacks by foreign substances. In fact, foreign substances not only come from outside the body, such as pathogens, but are also found inside the body. Foreign substances originating from within the body are dead cells or cells

Benefits of Routine Exercise with Family

“Doing exercise with family regularly has many benefits. Among other things, encouraging good habits, strengthening family relationships, and helping develop a child's brain."

Thedoctormedical , united states w – One of the reasons why people are lazy to exercise is because they are afraid to exercise alone. In order not to be lazy, you can invite family members to participate in sports with you.

Having a friend or partner you can exercise with can actually boost your spirits. Because, usually someone will be more happy and motivated when doing activities with the people closest to them.

Apart from being enthusiastic, exercising with your family also has other benefits. Want to know anything? Check out the discussion below!

Benefits of Sports with Family
Here are the benefits of doing sports with your family regularly:

1. Encourage good habits

As is well known, cases of diabetes in children or adolescents have occurred in Indonesia. Generally this condition is caused by a poor diet and lack of movement.

Well, by inviting children to exercise, mothers can reduce the risk of this disease, and maintain children's health to avoid other diseases.

Not only that, doing sports with family regularly will also build good habits that will be applied by children for the rest of their lives. By getting used to exercising, mothers also teach children to be committed and make sports a priority.

2. Strengthening family relationships

Doing sports with family is also one way to strengthen relationships. Research has shown that spending time with the family improves the relationship between parents and children , increases a sense of belonging, supports communication, and enhances social skills.

Choose a sport that can be done together and is fun. For example cycling, jogging, badminton, volleyball, and others.

By doing sports with children, parents can find out what motivates children the most, and how they work in teams. Of course, this activity will also create unforgettable memories for both children and parents. 

3. Reducing screen-time

Since the pandemic, now both children and adults feel very dependent on gadgets. Spending too much time in front of screens is not only bad for your eyesight, it can also have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. This is because when you are struggling with a smartphone, your body becomes less active.

Therefore, invite your family to do sports, as a way to take a break from the virtual world. No need to do difficult sports, you can invite them to take a leisurely walk around the complex, jog or swim.

Besides being healthy, this activity also helps reduce stress caused by looking at the smartphone screen for too long.  

4. Helps develop a child's brain

Doing physical activity turns out to also affect the development of a child's brain. Several studies have shown that exercising can affect a child's brain structure, resulting in better academic performance.

Actively mobile children have been associated with greater gray matter volumes in several cortical and subcortical brain regions.

5. Improve heart health

If you have a history of heart disease, it is very important to do sports with your family, to maintain heart health together. It is common knowledge that regular exercise is the best way to reduce risk and maintain heart health.

In addition, this activity can also lower blood pressure. You can try moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, because it's not only fun, this exercise is also the right choice for maintaining heart health.

6. Prevent disease

Doing sports with family can also keep them from getting sick. Regular exercise causes antibodies and white blood cells to circulate faster, so they can detect disease earlier.

These activities also help flush bacteria from the lungs and airways, which can reduce your chances of catching a cold, flu, or other illness.

After exercising, don't forget to clean your body from sweat and bacteria to avoid disease. So, you can use Lifebuoy Anti Bacterial Body Wash Total 10 soap to keep your family clean and healthy.

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