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Getting to Know the Body's Immune System: Definition, Components, & How It Works

 The immune system is the body's defense system to protect against various bad microorganisms that cause infection or disease. This system consists of various components and the way they work is complex.” Jakarta – The body's immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health by carrying out a series of defense mechanisms, such as recognizing and responding to foreign objects. The foreign objects in question are pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, germs, parasites and fungi. Some of these pathogens cause disturbances and damage to a person's body. Want to know more about how the immune system works? Check out the following information! Understanding the Body's Immune System The immune system is the body's defense system against attacks by foreign substances. In fact, foreign substances not only come from outside the body, such as pathogens, but are also found inside the body. Foreign substances originating from within the body are dead cells or cells

These are 8 Effective and Good Cholesterol Medications

 “There are several choices of effective cholesterol drugs. Among them, statins, fibrates, ezetimibe, and omega-3 fatty acids."

Thedoctormedical , united states - Cholesterol is divided into two types, namely low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or "bad" cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol or "good" cholesterol. You need to know, cholesterol is produced by the liver. However, you can get it from foods of animal origin (such as meat and dairy products).

A person can experience genetic problems that cause high cholesterol levels. In addition, high cholesterol levels can occur due to food choices or lack of certain foods, including physical activity.

You can overcome high cholesterol with a diet and regular exercise. If in this way the cholesterol level does not return to normal, the doctor may prescribe cholesterol medication.

Powerful Cholesterol Medicine
There are several types of cholesterol drugs that are effective. The doctor will choose it and discuss it with the sufferer so they can decide which type of cholesterol medication is best

Here are some choices of effective cholesterol drugs:

1. Statin

Statins are one of the most common types of cholesterol-lowering drugs. Doctors usually have this drug on hand because it works well in most people with high cholesterol .

Statins work by decreasing cholesterol output by blocking the enzyme HMG CoA reductase, which the liver uses to make cholesterol.

In addition, statins also work by:

Improves the function of the lining of blood vessels.

Reduces inflammation (swelling) and damage.

Reduces the risk of blood clots by stopping platelets from sticking together.

Makes plaque (fat deposits) less likely to come off and cause damage.

The additional benefits above can help prevent cardiovascular disease in people who have had an event such as a heart attack, and in people who are at risk.

2. PCSK9 Inhibitor

This drug attaches to certain liver cell surface proteins, which may help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol. PCSK9 inhibitors can be co-administered with statins.

This is usually for people who are at high risk of developing heart disease. Especially those who have not been able to lower their cholesterol in other ways.

3. Fibers

Fibric acid or fibrates are another form of cholesterol drug that can reduce blood lipid (fat) levels, especially triglycerides . The body can create triglycerides (fats) from food when consuming calories, but not burning them.

The use of fibrates can also increase levels of “good” HDL cholesterol, while decreasing the production of “bad” LDL cholesterol by the liver. However, people who have kidney disease or severe liver disease should not take this drug.

4. Bile acid sequestrant (bile acid resin)

This class of cholesterol drugs works in the intestine by attaching (or binding) to bile. It is a green liquid made of cholesterol that is produced by the liver to digest food.

The binding process causes cholesterol in the body to be reduced. Specifically, it lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol and slightly increases “good” HDL cholesterol levels.

6. Nicotinic acid

Nicotinic acid or niacin is a B complex vitamin. You can get this type of drug without a doctor's prescription, but some types can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription.

Niacin can lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increase HDL. It's just that, in people who have gout or severe liver disease, you should avoid taking this cholesterol drug.

7. Omega-3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids

You can use this type of drug to lower triglycerides , usually also known as fish oil. Some products are available without a prescription, while others are by prescription only.

However, consider these two things before using it, namely fish oil may interfere with other medications, and some people are allergic to fish and shellfish.

8. Adenosine triphosphate citric lyase (ACL) inhibitor

ACL inhibitors work in the liver to slow cholesterol production. This drug should be taken with a statin, but you should limit your dose if you are taking it with simvastatin or pravastatin.

Safe Tips for Using Cholesterol Drugs
When taking cholesterol medication, be sure to follow your doctor's directions carefully. If you don't take it as prescribed, the drug may not work as intended.

Here are tips for safe use of cholesterol drugs:

Take the medicine at the same time every day. Do not stop taking it or change the dosage without talking to your doctor. Even if the body feels fine, keep taking the medicine.

Make taking cholesterol medication a routine.
Make a note on the calendar every time you take medicine.

Avoid reducing the amount of medication you use in order to save money. Therefore, the drug must be taken in full amount to get the maximum benefit. If you have a cost problem, talk to your doctor about ways to reduce your drug costs.

Do not take any over-the-counter medications or herbal treatments before asking your doctor first. Because it can change the way cholesterol drugs work.

If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose.

Get a prescription immediately before it runs out.
Always carry medicines when traveling.
If you feel that there is no improvement in your condition after taking medicine, tell your doctor.


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