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Getting to Know the Body's Immune System: Definition, Components, & How It Works

 The immune system is the body's defense system to protect against various bad microorganisms that cause infection or disease. This system consists of various components and the way they work is complex.” Jakarta – The body's immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health by carrying out a series of defense mechanisms, such as recognizing and responding to foreign objects. The foreign objects in question are pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, germs, parasites and fungi. Some of these pathogens cause disturbances and damage to a person's body. Want to know more about how the immune system works? Check out the following information! Understanding the Body's Immune System The immune system is the body's defense system against attacks by foreign substances. In fact, foreign substances not only come from outside the body, such as pathogens, but are also found inside the body. Foreign substances originating from within the body are dead cells or cells

the dangers of taking excessive cholesterol medication

 Thedoctormedical , united states - Corticosteroid drugs, or better known as drug gods, are a class of drugs that are often used as anti-inflammatories. Why is it called divine medicine? This happens because of the ability of corticosteroid drugs to treat various symptoms of the disease. Corticosteroid drugs themselves are drugs that contain steroid hormones which are useful in increasing steroid hormones in the body, as well as suppressing the work of the immune system excessively.

What Happens If Corticosteroid Drugs Are Overused?

The side effects are very wide, therefore the use of corticosteroid drugs needs to be considered properly. In fact, long-term use will cause harmful and fatal side effects. Side effects caused will depend on its use.

Systemic Corticosteroids

Systemic corticosteroids, namely corticosteroid drugs that are taken orally or injected into a vein. If it is excessive, side effects can include hypertension, diabetes, stomach ulcers, bleeding in the digestive tract, emotional disturbances, increased appetite, insomnia, muscle weakness, and susceptibility to infection.

Local Corticosteroids

Local corticosteroids, namely corticosteroid drugs that can be given by ointment, injection or inhalation. The side effects will vary depending on the use. In corticosteroid ointments, side effects can include thinning of the skin, pale skin color, a higher risk of developing skin infections, and delayed wound healing.

While the side effects of injecting corticosteroids include infection, thinning of the skin tissue, swelling of the injected muscles or joints, and experiencing muscle weakness . While for inhaled corticosteroids side effects will occur, such as mouth or throat thrush, hoarseness, difficulty speaking, presence of fungus in the oral cavity, and coughing.

In more severe cases, excessive use of corticosteroids will cause Cushing's syndrome , which is a group of symptoms that arise due to high levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. In this condition, symptoms include hypertension, obesity, fatigue, swelling in certain areas of the body, weak build-up on the face, menstrual disorders, and hair growth where women shouldn't.

Some corticosteroid drugs are sold freely in pharmacies. Before buying and using it, you should first discuss it with an expert doctor in the Halodoc application so that you don't take the wrong dosage when using it. It would be better if you follow the doctor's advice, so you will avoid a number of conditions that can endanger your life.

Here's How to Use Corticosteroid Drugs Safely
Side effects are dangerous if the use of corticosteroid drugs is not in accordance with the doctor's orders. The general public is not advised to take this drug without a doctor's advice. Here's how to safely use corticosteroid drugs:

When you want to use inhaled corticosteroids, use a spacer to prevent fungus in the mouth and throat.

Do not take corticosteroid drugs on an empty stomach.

Don't use a lot of corticosteroid ointment on the body fold area.

Do the injection of corticosteroid drugs in a different place.

When consumed, corticosteroids cannot be stopped using them suddenly. When you want to stop, the only way is to reduce the dose of drug use gradually. Stopping suddenly will cause Addison's syndrome, which is a disorder that occurs when the adrenal glands cannot work optimally.


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