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Getting to Know the Body's Immune System: Definition, Components, & How It Works

 The immune system is the body's defense system to protect against various bad microorganisms that cause infection or disease. This system consists of various components and the way they work is complex.” Jakarta – The body's immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health by carrying out a series of defense mechanisms, such as recognizing and responding to foreign objects. The foreign objects in question are pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, germs, parasites and fungi. Some of these pathogens cause disturbances and damage to a person's body. Want to know more about how the immune system works? Check out the following information! Understanding the Body's Immune System The immune system is the body's defense system against attacks by foreign substances. In fact, foreign substances not only come from outside the body, such as pathogens, but are also found inside the body. Foreign substances originating from within the body are dead cells or cells

how to deal with toothache

“There are many things that can cause toothache. This condition can indicate a health problem in the teeth.

Thedoctormedical, united states – Toothache is a condition that often appears suddenly, especially when consuming certain foods and drinks. Of course, this can make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you should not ignore this condition, OK?

Because, toothache can be a sign of health problems in the teeth and gums. In the medical world, this condition can be caused by various things, ranging from damage to the lining of the teeth to bad habits. Come on, see the full review!

Causes of Toothache in General
Toothache can occur due to various things. Here are some common causes:

1. Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth will cause a sensation of pain and pain in the teeth. Well, this feeling of pain occurs in response to a number of conditions. For example, after eating or drinking food that is too hot or cold.

This can be temporary or long-term, as well as in one tooth or in several teeth at the same time. Then, what causes sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth can occur when the tooth enamel wears away or the roots of the teeth are exposed. Discomfort in the teeth can also occur due to cracked teeth, cavities, or medical procedures on the teeth, such as teeth whitening procedures.

2. Disorders of the gums

Teeth ache can also indicate a disturbance in the gums. Disorders of the gums can be triggered by various things. Starting from poor dental care, tartar buildup, brushing your teeth too hard, to smoking or consuming alcohol.

Gingivitis is one of the most common disorders of the gums. This condition occurs due to a layer of plaque or bacteria that accumulates on the teeth. If left untreated, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis . This condition can have a more serious impact, leading to tooth loss.

3. Periapical abscess

Apart from these two things, periapical abscesses or tooth abscesses can also cause toothache. Tooth abscess is a condition when there is a collection of pus at the base of the tooth caused by a bacterial infection.

4. Cavities

This problem can cause a variety of symptoms, one of which is making your teeth ache. Cavities can be caused by various things, but generally occur due to bacteria or germs that eat away at the teeth.

Don't mess with cavities , because this problem can cause pain or pain that may be unbearable. In some cases, cavities can cause complications. Starting from tooth infections, tooth abscesses, sepsis, to tooth loss.

5. Cracked Teeth

The emergence of a feeling of pain in the teeth can occur due to cracked teeth. Cracked teeth can be caused by chewing food that is too hard. In addition, collisions or blows and increasing age can also trigger cracked teeth to crack.

6. Damaged or Loose Tooth Fillings

This condition can also occur due to damaged or loose dental fillings. Loose fillings can affect the roots of the teeth, causing toothache.

7. Has a Habit of Grinding Your Teeth

The habit of grinding your teeth increases the risk of erosion of tooth enamel. This triggers cavities so that the hole leading to the tooth nerve is visible. This condition can cause aches and pains that are quite disturbing.

8. Overuse of Dental Care

Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash are good habits that you can use to care for your teeth. However, overuse makes teeth more sensitive.

This is because many dental care products contain alcohol and other chemicals. Especially if the dentine area is already exposed, this condition can trigger a worse feeling of pain.

Causes of Front Teeth Ache
All parts of the teeth can feel sore. However, what is very annoying is in the front teeth, because this will make it difficult to bite food.

Unlike the other parts of the teeth, there are several things that can cause front teeth to ache, namely:

1. Uneven Teeth Arrangement

Pain in the front teeth often occurs due to the erosion of tooth enamel. One of the causes is food residue stuck between the teeth. When leftovers accumulate and become dental caries, tooth enamel will erode and cavities will occur.

So, if the arrangement of the front teeth is uneven, food residue between the teeth will be more difficult to clean. This is what increases the risk of eroding tooth enamel.

2. The habit of biting pencils or nails

If you have a habit of biting pencils or nails, stop this habit immediately. Because, this can cause front teeth to feel sore. When biting hard objects such as pencils or nails, the teeth will be damaged and the risk of cavities.

3. Frequent use of teeth to open objects

You may have tried opening food packages or bottle caps or food packages using your front teeth. This bad habit can damage teeth.

4. Brushing Teeth Too Hard

Brushing is great, but if it's too hard, it can wear away the enamel on your teeth and cause pain. Therefore, brush your teeth carefully, so as not to damage the tooth enamel.

How to Get Rid of Pain in Teeth?

If your toothache is very disturbing, the main solution you can do is to see a dentist . The doctor will detect the cause of this condition and provide the best treatment.

Some common treatments for aching teeth are:

Sensitive Tooth Special Toothpaste. Special toothpaste for sensitive teeth usually contains a special formula to inhibit or reduce the appearance of the sensation of pain.
Fluoride Treatment. This treatment procedure is by applying fluoride in gel form to the outermost layer of the teeth. Its function is to strengthen tooth enamel.
Teeth Bonding. This procedure is performed by attaching a special material to the exposed or exposed root surface of the tooth.
Gum Surgery. If the root of the tooth has lost its gum lining, one solution is to take gum from another part to replace the missing part.
Root Canal Treatment (Root Canal Treatment). This is generally done if other treatments have not been effective for this dental problem.
What are the natural remedies for toothache?
Apart from medical treatment, toothache can also be overcome with the following treatments or natural ingredients:

1. Salt Water

Salt has antiseptic properties that can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth. When your teeth ache or ache, one of the natural ingredients you can try is salt water to gargle.

The trick, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Then, use the solution to rinse your mouth for 30 seconds. Do it periodically, until the discomfort in the teeth is gone.

2. Honey Water

Not only salt, honey also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. That is why honey water can also be a natural remedy for toothache. How to make it too easy.

Simply dissolve a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water. Then, use the solution to rinse your mouth for at least 30 seconds. Repeat until symptoms improve.

3. Turmeric

Apart from being a cooking spice, turmeric can also be a natural ingredient to treat toothache. This is because turmeric contains curcumin compounds, which can fight infection-causing bacteria and relieve inflammation.

The trick, massage the aching tooth area with roasted turmeric powder. Another alternative is to use turmeric paste, then mix it with salt and mustard oil.

4. Guava Leaves

Other natural ingredients that can overcome this condition are guava leaves. This is because these leaves have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and are rich in antioxidant flavonoids.

How to use it is by chewing fresh guava leaves, until the extract comes out. Then, apply the extract on the teeth, using the tongue.

Alternatively, you can also boil some guava leaves. Then cool, and use the cooking water as a mouthwash.

5. Garlic

Garlic contains the compound allicin which is antiseptic and antimicrobial. That is why garlic can help fight the germs that cause toothache , including relieving toothache.

The trick, chew garlic on the side of the mouth that has a tooth ache. Alternatively, thinly slice the garlic and place it on the problem tooth.

That's a discussion of the causes of toothache and other things that need to be known. If you experience it, contact your doctor immediately   to get treatment. Also use sensitive toothpaste to treat this condition


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