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Getting to Know the Body's Immune System: Definition, Components, & How It Works

 The immune system is the body's defense system to protect against various bad microorganisms that cause infection or disease. This system consists of various components and the way they work is complex.” Jakarta – The body's immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health by carrying out a series of defense mechanisms, such as recognizing and responding to foreign objects. The foreign objects in question are pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, germs, parasites and fungi. Some of these pathogens cause disturbances and damage to a person's body. Want to know more about how the immune system works? Check out the following information! Understanding the Body's Immune System The immune system is the body's defense system against attacks by foreign substances. In fact, foreign substances not only come from outside the body, such as pathogens, but are also found inside the body. Foreign substances originating from within the body are dead cells or cells

benefits of dates

 "Sukari dates are one of the popular types of dates that have a variety of good ingredients. Among them vitamin A, iron, and amino acids. The benefits range from maintaining digestive health to pregnant women.”

Thedoctormedical, united states - Dates are a good source of energy. It also contains a lot of nutrients. Some of them, amino acids, copper, magnesium, iron, and vitamin A.

There are many types of dates with different colors, textures and nutritional content. One type that is quite famous is sukari. In Arabic, 'sukkar' means sugar.
The name Sukari itself means fruit that tastes very sweet. This fruit variety is one of the best-selling in its home country, namely Saudi Arabia. There, this fruit is known as royal fruit because of its good qualities.

Nutritional Content in Sukari Dates
Initially, sukari was cultivated in the Al Qaseem region, Saudi Arabia. Besides being famous for its quality, this date variety has a relatively affordable price.

It contains many nutrients, such as:

Amino acid.
Copper substance (copper).
Vitamin A.
In addition to the above ingredients, this healthy food also has high amounts of antioxidants. These nutrients not only help improve body health, but also play a role in accelerating the healing process of disease.

What Are the Benefits of Sukari Dates?

When viewed from its content, sukari has several benefits, such as:

1. Maintain eye health

A study entitled Night blindness and ancient remedy published by Heart Views states that dates contain vitamin A which can protect and maintain eye health.

Vitamin A works by converting light into signals that are sent to the brain. These nutrients protect eye cell damage and reduce the risk of night blindness.

2. Improving the health of pregnant women
This benefit occurs thanks to the high potassium content in sukari. This is a type of mineral that works by helping balance electrolytes in the body. During pregnancy, the blood in the body of pregnant women increases by 50 percent.

For that reason, pregnant women need lots of electrolytes to keep the blood and water in the body balanced. Otherwise, they run the risk of problems, such as leg cramps and problems with nerves or muscles.

Another benefit is preventing anemia. This benefit was recorded in a study entitled Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) consumption as a nutrition source for mild anemia published by the Health Gazette.

According to the journal, prevention of anemia in pregnant women can be done by fulfilling the nutrients in the body. For example, iron, carbohydrates, tryptophan, omega-3, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fiber. To get these benefits, pregnant women can consume 100 grams of dates per day.

3. Maintain skin health
Sukari contains high levels of fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients . Well, these nutrients effectively help remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. That way, the skin looks fresh, bright, and moist.

4. Prevent dental problems
Dates are healthy foods that contain fluoride or fluoride. These nutrients can prevent dental caries by stimulating saliva production. This saliva works by eliminating the buildup of food residue between the teeth.

5. Improve digestive health
This fruit is a laxative food because of the fiber content in it. How it works by increasing intestinal peristalsis in digesting food. Its uses range from improving digestion to overcoming constipation or difficulty defecating .

6. Contains high antioxidants
Sukari is a source of antioxidants that are useful for fighting disease-causing free radicals. These nutrients are able to prevent cell damage (oxidative stress) due to exposure to pollution, dust, and dirt.

7. Good food for diet
Sukari has a sweet taste. However, this fruit will not trigger a spike in weight if consumed within reasonable limits. This fruit can be consumed directly or mixed with other fruit in juice.

The fiber content in it can make you feel full longer. This can suppress the desire to overeat. For those who are on a diet program, you can consume 4 to 6 fruits per day.

8. Maintain fluid levels in the body
This benefit occurs thanks to the potassium content in the sukari date. These nutrients are able to maintain the body's fluid balance, even in summer though. So, besides drinking water, you can also consume dates to maintain water levels in the body.

9. Lower cholesterol levels
Sukari contains protein, fiber and antioxidants which play an important role in lowering bad cholesterol levels which trigger heart disease. In addition, these nutrients can also reduce fat in the blood (triglycerides).

10. Prevent inflammation
The good nutrients in dates are anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. To prevent inflammation, the content in dates works by inhibiting the production of hormones that cause inflammation. Among them are prostaglandins and thromboxane.

11. Overcoming the symptoms of anemia
Anemia is a disease that occurs when the body lacks red blood cells. In sukari, there is a high iron content. These nutrients play a role in keeping blood flowing smoothly.

This disease is a nutritional problem that often occurs in children. The best way to prevent the disorder is to make changes to your eating habits. Its scope includes paying attention to their nutrition.

Hal itu tertulis dalam studi berujudul The effect of a date consumption-based nutritional program on iron deficiency anemia in primary school girls aged 8 to 10 years old in Zahedan (Iran), dalam Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics.

This study consisted of elementary school children in Zahedan, Iran, during the 2018 to 2019 school year. The sampling method was a combination of stratified sampling and multi-stage cluster sampling.

Then, 31 elementary school girls with anemia were fed dates for two months. Before the intervention and after two months of consuming dates, the blood parameters of hemoglobin, hematocrit, and ferritin were measured.

As a result, consuming dates can increase hemoglobin, hematocrit, and serum ferritin levels in elementary school girls.

12. As a source of energy
The unexpected truth about dates and hypoglycemia research published in the Journal of Family and Community Medicine found that dates contain sucrose, fructose and glucose.

These ingredients provide an instant boost of energy and a feeling of fullness. That's why this fruit is a mandatory snack in certain countries to restore energy after a day of fasting.

13. Maintaining the health of body cells
This benefit comes from the many minerals in the fruit. The amount is more than mango, kiwi, pomegranate, and mango. In addition, sukari also contains phosphorus and calcium which are able to maintain the smooth running of the body's metabolism.

14. Prevent bacterial infection
This use occurs thanks to the content of important vitamins and minerals in the fruit. The combination of these components produces antibacterial properties. However, further research is still needed to confirm these benefits.

15. Maintain oral health
Oral health can be maintained properly thanks to the fluoride content or fluoride content in sukari. These nutrients not only maintain oral health, but also maintain the strength of tooth enamel.

Favorite Types of Dates in Indonesia
Apart from sukari, there are several types of dates that are commonly consumed, including:

1. Ajwa

This variety has a round shape with wrinkled skin, but fine textured. It tastes similar to raisins. This fruit has benefits as an anti-inflammatory agent that can prevent cell damage.

2. Medjool

Medjool dates have a larger size than other varieties. The shape is round with a dark brown color. The flesh is thick and has a fragrant aroma. The taste is sweet, similar to caramel.

3. Khalas

This type of fruit has a sticky texture, but is very soft. The size is not too big with a reddish brown color. The taste is somewhat sweet, especially when it is ripe. Similar to caramel.

4. Bam

Bam is known as grape or honey dates. From its appearance, at first glance it is similar to Ajwa. The difference is, the shape is bigger and the texture is softer. In addition, it also tastes sweeter.

5. Safavid

Safawi is the best type of date after ajwa. The outer skin texture is dry and wrinkled. The flesh is thick and chewy when bitten. It tastes sweet and is suitable as a source of energy for the body.
How many dates are recommended to be consumed?
Recommendations for consuming dates may vary, depending on individual needs and individual health conditions. However, in general, a healthy serving is 2 to 3 dates per day.

Because it contains high natural sugar, people with diabetes or other blood sugar problems need to limit the amount of intake. To find out the right dosage according to the problem you are experiencing, ask the clinical nutrition specialist


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